Package com.cedarspring.tvm

Interface Summary
ErrorListener This interface should be implemented by components that wish to listen for TVM ErrorEvents.
Solve Classes that implement this interface must supply methods which evaluate a function f(x) = 0 and its derivative.

Class Summary
Amortization This class represents the amortization for one payment period or a range of periods.
AmortizationSchedule The Amortization Schedule is a list of Amortization objects, each containing the principal, interest, and ending balance for one payment period.
ErrorEvent Fired by TVM to inform listeners that an error has occurred or to issue a warning.
FindRoot Solves f(x) = 0 using Newton-Ralphson method.
FutureValue Future Value
Future Value is the amount of money that an investment made today will grow to at some future date.
IFTables Interest Factor Tables
This class simulates interest factor tables which contain the present or future values for single units of currency: Future Value of 1: FVIFn,i = (1 + i)n Present Value of 1: PVIFn,i = 1 / (1 + i)n FV of an Annuity of 1: FVAIFn,i = [(1 + i)n - 1] / i PV of an Annuity of 1: PVAIFn,i = [1 - 1 / fvif] / i
InterestRate Annual Nominal Interest Rate
Interest is a charge for borrowing money, usually stated as a percentage of the amount borrowed over a specific period of time.
NumberOfPeriods Number of Periods
Periods are evenly-spaced intervals of time.
Options Options
Provides a common scale and rounding scheme for the com.cedarspring.tvm package.
Payment Payment
Payments are a series of equal, evenly-spaced cash flows.
PresentValue Present Value
Present value is the value of a promised future amount of money (future value) that has been discounted to today's equivalent value.
TVMu GetObjects.TVM is a non-visual java bean that closely emulates the Time Value of Money functions of the Texas Instruments BAII Plus and Hewlett Packard 10B financial calculators.
TVMuBeanInfo This class provides specific information about the public properties of the TVM bean and the icons that it uses.

Exception Summary