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Please note: This is an old example. Sun no longer supports the BeanBox and they do not intend to update it. They have developed a similar tool to replace it.

Build a Financial Calculator

We will use Sun's Beanbox utility to create a financial calculator applet similar to the one on the demo page, but with fewer features. The applet will be built without any manual coding by simply visually "wiring" four off-the-shelf components together in the beanbox. 

The BeanBox is a basic visual development tool from Sun Microsystems that can be used for testing and reference.  It is not meant to be a complete development and debugging environment for advanced system developers.

We assume that you are a developer and already have the BeanBox on your computer. If you do not have it, we have provided brief instructions for installing the Java Software Development Kit and the Bean Development Kit which contains the BeanBox. Note that installing them requires several hours and uses a considerable amount of storage.

  1. Download the TVM jar

  2. Download BigDecimalField jar

  3. Design and Create a User Interface

  4. Add the Calculator Logic to the Interface

  5. Create an Applet and Test It With the appletviewer


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