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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We want you to know what type of information we gather, how we use it, and how you can correct, change, or delete it.

We will not:

  • Sell, share, or rent any personal information that may be obtained from your visits to our site.
  • Disclose any personal information about you unless legally required to do so.
  • Send you unsolicited e-mail or other correspondence about our products or services.

Information Gathered or Tracked

You can browse our site and download our software without revealing any personal information about yourself at all. You can optionally include your name and e-mail address on the site feedback, download, and various other forms if you want us to reply to you personally or to inform you of software updates. We use aggregate information (with no connection to a specific individual) to help improve the site and make it more useful for you.

Personal Information: 

We save only the personally identifiable data that you voluntarily enter into our forms. You can optionally enter some personal data each time you download files from our site. All information on the forms is saved in a database on the site server provided by our hosting service. The information is periodically moved to an off-line server for additional security.

When you purchase a software component or book from one of our affiliates through our site, they may send us information such as your name, address, date, name of the product, and quantity purchased. They do NOT send us your credit card information or any other financial information. The information is sent to us by e-mail and we save it in a local database.

We also receive information and queries from email, the feedback form, component surveys, and error reports. We only retain the personal data from these sources long enough to respond to the query or register the data.

Aggregate Information: 

Our web hosting service records statistical information as you visit each page, including:

  • the page name
  • date and time
  • Domain and Sub-Domain
  • browser type
  • referrer site

Our hosting service summarizes this information periodically and provides us with statistical "ratings" for each part of the site so we can concentrate our efforts on the most popular areas. Generally, we only use summarized information and do not attach any personal significance to it. However, for your protection and ours, we may use individual records if there is a clear indication of a security breach.


Cookies are small files that a Web site transfers to your hard drive for record-keeping purposes. They are often used to "remember" information about you between visits so pages can be tailored to your preferences and usage patterns.
Currently, we do not use cookies.

Information Shared

We do not sell, share, or rent any personally identifiable information. We may share statistical information about frequency of site or page usage that has no individual identification.

Opt-Out of E-mail Notifications

If you requested e-mail notices about new or updated software but no longer want to receive them, you may un-subscribe at any time by following the instructions contained at the end of every E-mail message or by contacting: customer_service@getobjects.com

Corrections or Updates to Personally Identifiable Info

You can correct your personal information at any time. Contact: customer_service@getobjects.com

Deletion of Personally Identifiable Info

To delete personal information contact: customer_service@getobjects.com


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